Advertising Manifesto - penned by John
First let me say we still will NOT take paid advertising. Why? ALL the content in ClevelandWeirdness is put on the site without worrying about offending advertisers. You will never see those annoying pop-ups coming from our site and you don't have to worry about "opting in" because you accidentally clicked on an ad banner! We also don't have to put up with the nonsense that goes along with taking money for advertising, i.e. "how come my banner isn't bigger". If you're a business and would be interested in being seen on our site, contact If you're not a business (i.e. retail / restaurant) and would like to be reviewed for the site, follow the email links on the page you're interested in. And yes, we will always review cool gadgets......
We've been getting along WITHOUT paid advertising since 1999. Now this creates a situation that requires that we spend money to keep the site up (DSL/hosting=$) and growing (more Mb = more$). So if you'd like, you could help defray our cost, and NO that does not mean you're supporting our house in the Cayman Islands! (that is a joke) If you’d like to help though, click on the NEW                               button. It would help us stay WEIRD and that would be greatly appreciated! Or, Click our Cafepress link and buy your hug-worthy gift to show YOUR support for Cleveland’s Weirdness! No you don't have to send us your lunch money!. Whether you "help out" or not, we will still continue to search out the Weirdness in Cleveland and the World and show you where it's at. If you'd like to send us something you can't send by electronically, email us so we know how big it is and then we can let you know where to send it. Thanks for your time reading this and understanding, The STAFF at ClevelandWeirdness
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