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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

I scan the fresh untouched canvas up and down looking for my muse to show me where to start. Dripping with anticipation as I channel in the music that is playing in the background, my true inspiration. I close my eyes as I feel the music taking control of my mind. I look at the canvas again. Oh, all the possibilities this piece has, and it's waiting for me to explore them. I'm ready to begin. The music guiding me as I pick up the exacto knife and carefully made a small incision across the canvas. Finding a hose, I pulled it from the back of the canvas and position it so hangs in the front. Yes, that's perfect. One great thing about modern abstract art is that it opens so many different avenues for the true artist to experiment with. Staring at the area on top of the incision, I see two mounds starting to transform showing me what to do next. Ah, yes that will work nicely. I took big globs of red paint and splat it on where the apparition appeared. Red is such a beautiful color, so vibrant and full of life. Psychologists have documented that people generally will notice red first than any other color. I will oblige them for it is the only color I typically use. The music is growing louder in my head. I watched as the mounds of paint start to drip down the hose and onto some fresh canvas. A well with dried up dead grass around it. Yes, I see it now. First making a small hole, I'll build the paint around it to give it a more three-dimensional look. I then picked up a paint-dipped brush and started stroking and teasing the grass to give it the impression of a breeze blowing through it. I created a twisted looking tree-like stump right at the edge of the blowing grass. My excitement is building as I see everything starting to fit into place. The music almost deafening now encourages me to continue on. I proceeded to cut lengthwise in between the mounds of paint down to the first incision and embedded another hose into the new slit. A milky white hue is taking form, blending ever so slightly with the already added color and bringing out even more detail to my urban wasteland. Ah, that's it! That's what I'm seeing! The hoses spew the putrid resin of mankind draining into all that is beautiful in life and corroding it. This corrosion however, is creating another kind of beauty, one that a lot of people can't see. Beads of sweat are dripping from my brow. I took a step back to admire what I've done so far. Still lots to do, I thought. Something else is starting to take shape. Yes, all I need to do is… what…I'm losing my train of thought. The shape is disintegrating, as my focus is growing dimmer and dimmer. My muse has left the room. I turn around franticly looking for the culprit who caused this disturbance. I stopped and listened. Silence. I looked down at the blood-drenched girl whose entrails are dangling from her belly and a bloody stump from where a leg once was. A rage comes over me. " Did I say you could stop screaming, you fucking bitch"! I yelled as I kicked her in the head. A little whimper came out of the live canvas as she takes her last breath. "Fuck! I was so close this time," I screamed grabbing the ruined work of art by the hair and dragged it to a makeshift incinerator. All that work for nothing, what a fuckin waste. The smell of burning hair and flesh was now filling the room. I'll need to go find a new canvas and start over again. Yeah, the next one will be better. The next one will express my true vision. People can't see the beauty I see. Nobody can imagine it. I need to show them. I need to show them all.


A teaser for the novel Liquid Leviathan can be found here

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