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MoJo Whitey

57 Miles

One of the coolest new blues rock bands to come out of Cleveland sort of. They all live about 50 miles away from each other and they can still sound as good as they do! Incredibly dynamic stage presence when I saw them live a couple of weeks ago! If you get the urge, check out their web site I know it's under construction and they don't have their MP3's up yet but they have their calendar up. Here's 57 Miles, it's a live recording but can still tell these are smoking, they're so tight it's sick!

Mary Casey

Mustang Sally

Torch singer extraordinaire, she hooked up with the guys from Mojo Whitey and it was magic. Normally you can find her singing in lounges around town but she does some R&B stuff sometimes. This is from one of the nights she sat in with them. Watch for this girl to make waves!