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Rupert da Costa e Silva

Genre - Spoken word
Rupert da Costa e Silva is a Melbourne Writer that sent me this a while ago. He has just launched his debut spoken word CD single "kfc is a mathafucka" (From his press release: "Adopted bv Google as a popular Googlism for kfc")
In our new spirit of sharing weirdness from the world, we bring you the title track, "KFC is a motherfucka." He is currently working extremely hard to produce his spoken word album "Beside the Point," the first CD in a trilogy all titled "Beside the Point."   Each track consists of tried and tested performance poems that Rupert has vigilantly exposed before unsuspecting Australian audiences.
Rupert used to have a page at snuffboxfilms.blogspot.com, but Blogspot says it doesn't exist now. Maybe Rupert took a walk in the bush or something. We don't know.