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Austin "Walkin' Cane" Charanghat/706 Union Ave.

Forever Lovin' Man

I first met Austin back in the day when he played with Colin Dussault and I was recording Colin's first record. Eight cases of beer later when the session was over and they were loading the truck, the last guitar to go in was Austin's. No sooner was it set in the truck, than it fell out! Yes, it broke. But Austin's philosophical approach to all of this made me think "Here's a guy who will never quit!". Years later, I am proud to be able to review his solo album (which by the way, some of which was recorded at the famous Sun Studios in Memphis, Tn) and had a bit of a dilemma with it though. I had told him I would only put one song up on the site and that I would pick the one I like the best. "Fine by me" he replied. Well, ten songs on the album and I wanted to put up more than one! You're just going to have to buy the CD and find out how good this really is! In the spirit of Howlin Wolf, Scotty Moore & Bill Black, a true bluesman , Austin "Walkin' Cane" Charanghat.