DiFiore's Music started in the early '50s when Ed DiFiore was supporting his wife Hildagard, and two children, Lanne and Chip. "I was teaching out of the house, and my young daughter was interfering with my music lessons. One day my wife said, 'Surprise, I just rented a store for you.' It was $40 a month rent. I thought we were going to go bankrupt." According to the first vendor's license, DiFiore's Music openend its doors on October 10th, 1953. The accordian was the popular instument of the time. Around 1964 with the advent of The Beatles, every kid yearned to be in a rock and roll band. Ed says, "I was prepared and ready. I had the equipment lines and the facilities. It was timing. The Beatles really affected business. It was so exciting here. I couldn't wait to get to work. It was a Camelot. We'd work from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. There would be salesmen and your musicians...and alot of talk. So Exciting...." At that time, Difiore's Music was one of only two major music stores in Cleveland. They were the exclusive dealers for certain musical equipment in the city and state. They offered a 40 percent discount off of list prices. Chip says, "My dad helped a lot of musicians who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to buy equipment." Since ed's retirement, Chip has taken over the store. He has been able to keep DiFiore's Music growing with the changing times. Embracing technology and working with the flow of musics ever changing ebbs and tides.

"DiFiore's Wall of Fame" Ed Sr.(left) & son Chip (right)

The Wall of Fame @ Difiores! by JANE SCOTT
Pete Townshend of the Who walked into DiFiore's Music and picked out a Les Paul Gibson guitar. Drummer Ginger Baker of Cream fame stopped by for a cymbal. But before they left the Store, they signed the wall. So did Sly and the Family Stone, Jethro Tull, Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Carlos Santana, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, the Osmonds, Ramsey Lewis, Maurice White of the Commodores, the Lettermen, and more than a hundred other musicians. That store space has become a wall of fame.

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