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I looked up copyright information, and loved the stuff they had on the Curtin University of Technology website. So I ganked some of it to explain what that small print over on the left means.

"The rights of copyright owners

Copyright is a bundle of exclusive rights to do, or authorise others to do, certain acts in relation to the protected material.

The scope of the rights depends on the subject matter.

The exclusive rights enjoyed by owners of copyright in literary, dramatic and musical works are the rights to do or authorise the following acts:

  • reproduce the work in material form;
  • publish the work;
  • perform the work in public;
  • to communicate the work to the public;
  • make an adaptation of the work; and
  • do any of these acts in relation to an adaptation of the work.

The exclusive rights in relation to artistic works are more limited, and consist of the rights to:

  • reproduce the work in a material form;
  • publish the work; and
  • to communicate the work to the public."

and also:

"Moral Rights

The Copyright Amendment (Moral Rights) Act 2000 amends the Copyright Act by providing two new "moral rights" for individual creators:
o the right of attribution of authorship; and
o the right of integrity of authorship.

"Moral rights" are rights relating to a creator's reputation in connection with their work and have nothing to do with morality. You must give the creator of a literary, musical, artistic or dramatic work or of a film the right to be attributed as the creator of the work or film and the right to have the integrity of the work respected. These new rights supplement the right of a creator not to have their work falsely attributed.

The Right of Attribution
You should attribute a creator when you reproduce a work or film and it should be clear and reasonably prominent, so that the person receiving a reproduction of the work or film will have notice of the creator's identity.

The Right of Integrity
A creator's work should not be subjected to derogatory treatment nor should you do something to a creator's work that is prejudicial to the reputation of the creator."

What does this mean to you,

the visitor to ClevelandWeirdness? Simply that all the stuff on our site was freely given to ClevelandWeirdness to further our mission of free dissemination of weirdness to all. So don't gank anything without attributing it to the source, don't take anything here and make a profit off it without discussing it & partnering with the owner of the stuff, don't pass off someone else's work as your own, and the universe will probably slap you really hard someday if you do.

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