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These guys are in our neighborhood and have just about the best selection of weird stuff I've seen in a long time. Go, look at what they have........

We love this place! This is the only place we buy our monster making supplies.

Great prices, fast shipment and they can answer all your questions.

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gotta share this place with the world......
way old friends of ours runnin a kick ass club

Cleveland's oldest family owned music store

"The Details make the difference"
Be the first on your block to have ClevelandWeirdness stuff!
There's a whole series of new ClevelandWeirdness Skyline designs on coffee mugs, mousepads, and stuff to wear. All the profits go towards paying our DSL bill, so we can upload more mp3s!
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Mixed Logic
You always thought all the brilliant people that invent things are always from other places right? WRONG, check this out! The M24 is a dedicated remote control mixer that is designed and built in Cleveland and sold all over the world, and that's pretty weird!
Gaelic Imports
Braveheart ate it, John's eaten it and many a fine Scotsman has killed his hangover with it. Can't guess?
Haggis! Gaelic Imports makes this Scottish classic in-shop from pure beef (not sheep!), along with bangers, chippolatas, meat pies, delicious eccles and flea cemeteries. Discover these and other fresh-made favorites from the British Isles alongside a great selection of imported groceries and candies. Open Tuesday - Sunday, at 4882 Pearl Rd Cleveland, OH 44105.
The Vicar Sauce Co., Ltd.
John says: A friend of mine pointed these guys out to me and the stuff is great! English Vicars from Cleveland, who would have thought?

AllStar Muffler
No, they're not on the web, but if you're in Cleveland & need a muffler, this is the place to go. Most places, they look up your model & make & charge you an arm & a leg. These guys take the old muffler off, custom bend a new pipe for you, and charge you less than anywhere else! It's wonderful to watch - yes, they let you watch - and they also do other mechanic services. They're on W 130th, near 71. 216-671-8900.

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