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Lava Room Recording Studio
One of the coolest studios in Cleveland, featuring Pro Tools suites and a live room so good, 92.3 Xtreme Radio uses it for their Xtreme Sessionz with national acts. And John works there, which gives it the weirdness factor.

State of Being
Great atmospheric goth/industrial music. See them live!
Another DJ friend of the Weirdness.
Home of some great mp3s, as well as writing, pix, and the oddest cooking show you'll ever see.
If you need CD or DVD duplication or Digital remote muti-track recording done, this is the guy. By the way, he's also a great guitar player!

Joe Brunetti Band
Friends of ours. Great band! Check them out at a club near you!

Raven Slaughter
Raven has "shared" the stage with members of NY Dolls, Guns 'n Roses, Cinderella, Warrent, The Doors, Stone Temple Pilots to name a few. Although Raven's direct approach and attitude have gained him a "love him/hate him" reputation, he would have it no other way.

Peanuts' music reviews
Peanuts is a familiar face at Cleveland music events. The "Host of the North Coast" is adept at finding some of the best in all genres of music. He writes reviews for the Jazz & Blues Report as well as Ohio Online.

Tracy Marie
She is a singer/songwriter and performs many styles of music. She is known to be seen at some of the blues jams at the Parkview and Savannah. She also does a solo-acoustic act with covers and originals that runs the gamut from Blues, Bluegrass, Country and Folk to Pop, Classic Rock, Soft-Rock, Hard-Rock and Hard-Funk-Rock. Her CD, Sheik European Assassin Woman is a multi-genre CD and available on her web site and in record stores around Cleveland.
The Pere Ubu FAQ. If you weren't into punk or art rock in the 70's and 80's in Cleveland, you have no idea what this is. You missed it. Oh well.
"The Ohio Hystairical Musick Society (O.H.M.S.) is a non-profit (un)organization dedicated to preserving and presenting local music as we know it. " A great source for punk/art/underground band history & stuff.
The home of Alternaive Tentacles Records & Jello Biafra. Go see what's up with some weird bands & what Jello has been doing recently. He's not Cleveland, but he's definitely a part of the weirdness!
A guide to the still thriving punk scene in Cleveland.
We got an email from Annette Popson of AMPromotions: "I'd like to actually see the band Ground Zero from Cleveland get some well-deserved press. Not that I'm "promoting" them really, but they're just what we call "THE LAST 'METAL' BAND IN CLEVELAND!" ... you know? REAL Metal? Not "Nu" metal, not "RAP" metal ... just all and all METAL. Their a great band though." Definitely typical Cleveland Weirdness... keep on rocking in the free world.. um, sorry, wrong, um... never mind.
A new site featuring clubs and bands from the Cleveland area. There's an archive from the gone but not forgotten Bottom Line Saloon.
Another guy who emailed us. He regularly reviews metal shows in the area. A good source of info for metal heads.


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