New Stuff
Welcome to the newest form of the weirdness. We're rebuilding the site, bit by bit, as John enters the world of Web design, and Mary tries not to get OCD about her baby, which she's been writing (by hand!) for over a decade. Check back often, as we get busy in our real life, and don't always have the time we want to give to spread the weirdness around. But please, search the site, look at some video stuff we're done recently, and don't forget to go out into the streets, and find your own weirdness. We're keeping our collection of audio and visuals and stuff here for your continued enjoyment, and will be adding to it soon. We promise. Or at least John does. Mary the Webmaster
A word about our new stuff section. Cleveland is a really cool city and has a much weird as any other city in the world We are looking for weird and interesting stuff (music, art, video, ?) of people and places to prove it to the rest of the world. If you’ve got something weird, we want to show it. Email and tell him what you’ve got! "from John" If you have an interesting/weird place of business and have no video, let us know and we may come out and shoot a short video spot for our video page.
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