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On the Edge of Life, Part 1

(Note: One evening, baxterknid was in the ClevelandWeirdness chat room, waiting for Dreble to come back in. Now, anyone who knows Dreble knows he works on a timetable far different from the rest of the world. So, to amuse himself while he waited, Baxter started a story. He says he's going to continue it. We await his further serialization....)

19:29:39 [baxterknid] <---waits patiently for Dreble
19:29:41 [baxterknid] I feel so alone
19:29:50 [baxterknid] It's like being gothic
19:30:04 [baxterknid] either I've gone blind or my world is one Big Dark Room
19:30:57 [baxterknid] I once ran a game of All Flesh Must Be Eaten... and in it they 'ran' (from the zombies) into a night club called 'The Dark Room'
19:31:25 [baxterknid] of course it went without me saying...they all knew it was really 'The Chamber'
19:31:52 [baxterknid] Man am I really good at talking to myself or what...
19:32:00 [baxterknid] I could do this all day
19:34:49 [baxterknid] I could write a book that no one would read in here

Joshua sat at the edge of the cliff. Well, not on the edge, but next to it in one of those fold out pic-nic chairs. It took everything I had not to run up behind him and push. It's not that I don't like him, it's just that's the way I am.

It's like making a joke about a cripple. It's not that you're cold hearted- it just seemed funny at the time. This is partly the same thing- I see a man at the edge, the thing to do would be to push...I mean, just to see it.

But I don't. Probably because it's exactly what Josh would want me to do. And we can't have that. So I hand him a beer and sit in my chair.
"You were gonna push me weren't you?" he says opening his beer without looking up.
"Thought about it." I take a slug of my own beer
"Why didn't you?" He seems so lethargic.
" 'Cause you're a dick."
"Oh. Ok."


The next installment - Part 2 - can be found here

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