ClevelandWeirdness prose
by Riotgrrl

Maiden's Toy

In the light of the dark.
The dove comes.
Bringing thoughts of death and life.
The fools card is a maidens toy.
Come and play.
Out come the demons.
Out come the angels.
Your world is falling now. 
Join us in this despair.
Come play with the maiden.

She will take away the pain, 
while adding to the numbness.
Your life will mean nothing in her court.
Her servants are the demons of hell.
They will give you the fruit of death, 
the wine of eternal suffering.
You will lose you soul to her fun and games.
You life will belong to her for eternity.
The fool's card is a maidens toy.
Be careful how you play.


Demons on dragon's backs,
coming for the children.
Taking their souls,
taking their innocence.
Destroying all hope, 
destroying all dreams.
Leaving only a cold heart and a barren mind.
Is this the way we are saved?
Not by god but by the demons of the night?
What are we saved from?
We are not saved from anything, 
but turned into everybody else.
Cold hearted and cruel.
Children beware of the evils around.
For if you believe. They will come for you too.


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