ClevelandWeirdness is still seeking screenplays for short (under 10 minute) features to be shot on digital video and distributed as webcasts and iPod videocasts. The subject matter should include Cleveland and/or weirdness and meet the criteria outlined below. The best entries will be produced by ClevelandWeirdness for distribution on UPDATE: If you've sent a script, and heard nothing, it doesn't mean we didn't enjoy it. We've had a number of excellent screenplays submitted, but we either a) didn't think it met our own subjective criteria, or b) got too busy to be able to produce it properly - we'd need to scout locations, arrange CGI and/or spfx, etc. - and we have had little available time in real life. We appreciate your contributions.
CRITERIA: The screenplay must be under 10 minutes in length. Multi-part episodes of a longer work may be considered, as long as each part is under 10 minutes. The screenplay must be able to be shot in the Cleveland metropolitan area, or in studio with greenscreens. There is no budget for explosions, crashes, or shutting down parts of the city for filming, but some post-production CG could be feasible. SEND SCREENPLAYS TO: email (either as an attachment or in the body of an email) to
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