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The ClevelandWeirdness Skyline Series:

Part 1: View from the West Bank with Late-Winter Fish Kill

Flats Skyline 1 Flats Skyline 2 Flats Skyline 3
The 3 images above are a variation on a photo shot by John and then digitally enhanced by Mary. This is the first in a continuing series celebrating some different views of the city skyline. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Part 2: I-90 West East of Downtown, Twilight (incl. My Tagging Fantasy, or, I Am Only a Brazen Vandal in Photoshop)

A weird twilight as we were out driving.This was shot from inside the car, thru the dirty windshield. I tagged the center barrier in Photoshop - I have an allegy to vandalism in real life, altho I love it when they turn graffiti into art. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Part 3: An Edgy Edgewater View

The classic view of downtown from Edgewater Park - I found edges, which made that usual view into something different. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Part 4: Skyline Above Kingsbury Run

On first glance, just a skyline with trains and stuff. The location is a weird place, tho. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture and the story.

Technical note: some of these images are in png format. If you are unable to see them, and want to, you have 2 choices: upgrade your browser, or email us & we'l send you jpgs. Really.