ClevelandWeirdness art and visuals

The Cleveland Weirdness Skyline Series

It all started with a photo John took of the skyline from the west bank of the Flats, complete with dead fish. It's turned into a series of skyline pictures - different views of downtown Cleveland, Weirdness style.

Skyline Series 2 - East Side Skyline

The 1300 Gallery is, alas, no more. But the art of Derek Hess is still going, on his site and in his StrHess clothing shop, too.


Skeleton Man - This is a weird piece of performance art that John found floating around somewhere. (Windows Media Player needed, 3.7 MB file)

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Pickled Brothers Sideshow - These guys are a little south of Cleveland (Cincinnati, to be exact) but they are very weird. Watch their sideshow video. You'll see. (.mpg file, 44.4 MB)

Fish Lady sculpture
by David Bartholomew Greathouse

by Randy

very plastic

Digital Art
by Brian Chalmers